Helping your child stay safe online

Helping your child stay safe online

The internet is a great way for children and young people to connect with friends, but it is important that they understand how to stay safe.

Sometimes adults use the internet to trick children and young people into believing they are talking to a friend. This is called “grooming” and can lead to children and young people believing they are talking to a person of a similar age when they are not. Talking openly with your child will help to start conversations about online safety, so reassure them you are interested in their life both on and offline. You can also:

  • Prioritise safety. Teach children not to give out personal information, like their name, address, telephone number.
  • Set parental controls. Agree a list of websites your child is allowed to visit, and remember to check the minimum age.
  • Discuss their activity. Take an interest in their online world. Talk to them about their favourite websites, videos.
  • Set boundaries. Establish time limits for activities such as using the internet and games consoles.

For advice on how to set up parental control or privacy settings call 0808 8005002 or visit Net Aware at

Get in touch via or ring our helpline on 03000 110 110.
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