What is a Forensic Medical Examination?

If you decide that you want to proceed with a forensic examination, this will be carried out by a qualified and experienced doctor known as a Forensic Medical Examiner or FME.

The purpose of the examination is to gather any forensic evidence that may be available following a rape or sexual assault. This may include making an accurate record of any injuries that you may have sustained and collecting any DNA evidence that may be present. The importance of the examination is that it could potentially provide important evidence should you decide to make a report to the Police which subsequently goes to court.  The process can include an intimate examination and the collection of clothes you were wearing at the time of the assault. 

If you are unsure whether there will still be any forensic evidence because some time has gone by, it is still a good idea to speak with the SARC.

During the medical examination you will have access to emergency contraception if necessary and you will be given the opportunity to have a full sexual health screen to alley any fears you may have regarding possible sexually transmitted diseases. SARCs have fast track arrangements with local GUM clinics who will be able to give you a dedicated appointment and provide you with a discreet and sensitive service without any additional fuss or having to sit in waiting rooms.

Following the forensic medical examination, you will be able to have a shower in a private bathroom and you will be given your own personal toiletries kit.

If you decide that you would like to report to the Police, this can also be done at the SARC, either directly after the examination or the following day.