What is a Children’s Sexual Assault Centre? (CSARC)

A CSARC is a specialist unit where children and young people who may have been sexually assaulted can be seen by a specially trained children’s Doctor. 

All staff who work at a SARC are specially trained and everyone will try to make children feel looked after and safe whilst they are there.

SARCs usually have a play and relaxation area where children can be looked after by a Nurse or Play Therapist whilst doctors speak with you or any other adults involved.  Every part of the process will be explained to you and your child, so that you both understand what is happening.

Your child will be examined by a specially trained Doctor whilst at the CSARC.  There will also be a Nurse present during examinations, and you are able to stay with your child too if they want you to.

Photos may be taken of any injuries and swabs will be taken to check for any infection.  You will then be given the results and any treatment that is needed, as well as details of other support you may wish to access.